Quick User Guide

Do you feel lost in an ocean of games? We are here to help you!

We regroup the games by voices and platform. Simple question: Do you own a PS4? This is the list for the voices. Do you like Japanese voices? Click on Japanese and Dual Audio. Do you want to know if the game is voiced in a language different than English or Japanese? Click on Multivoice. Or do you prefer games with voices in a completely original and invented language? Click on Own language.

Same for other consoles (we recommend to open in a new tab):

Switch Only Japanese Switch Only English Switch Dual Audio Switch Multivoices Switch Own Language

PSVita Only Japanese PSVita Only English PSVita Dual Audio PSVita Multivoices PSVita Own Language

3DS Only Japanese 3DS Only English 3DS Dual Audio 3DS Multivoices 3DS Own Language

WiiU Only Japanese WiiU Only English WiiU Dual Audio WiiU Multivoices WiiU Own Language

PS3 Only Japanese PS3 Only English PS3 Dual Audio PS3 Multivoices PS3 Own Language

PSP Only Japanese PSP Only English PSP Dual Audio PSP Multivoices PSP Own Language